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Top 18 MBA Careers In Accounting

May 5, 2021 6:43 pm0 commentsViews: 138

Those who are considering an MBA degree should also consider the area of concentration. Finance and accounting are two concentration areas that are particularly important. In fact, a lot of people who want to become a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA) complete an MBA degree, because it meets the requirements for the CPA examination. Also, the salaries of graduates of this particular concentration are substantial. Jump to 50 Affordable Online MBA Degrees.

1. Chief Financial Officer

A chief financial officer is one of the highest positions that can be obtained with an MBA degree, and a highly coveted one. Interestingly, some see it as the ultimate position to obtain, whereas others see it as a stepping stone towards CEO.

2. Financial Controller

A financial controller will be responsible for making sure that all budgets, expenses, and income sheets are up to date, that record keeping is done properly, and that the company is fully compliant with relevant legislation.

3. Senior Accountant

Senior accountants usually earn respectable salaries from the start, but have access to significantly more opportunities after completing an MBA by itself or in combination with a CPA. Most senior accountants work for accounting firms, although they can also find employment within governmental or other types of organizations. Alternatively, they have the option of starting their own company.

4. Corporate Entertainment Accountant

In this role, particularly for those who are CPAs, people can work for entertainment businesses such as record or production companies, or studios. This is a varied role, involving things such as, calculating studio costs or setting budgets for a concert tour. Mainly, it requires managing the budget associated with a particular concert or musician.

5. Apparel Industry Accountant

This is for those who are interested in fashion and clothing. Naturally, these companies have to manage their budgets, file taxes, and more. Bigger brands have huge finance departments that the accountant can manage. Interestingly, the cash flow cycle in the fashion industry is very long, which means they require highly trained financial specialists to ensure that sufficient money is available between production and sales.

6. FBI Agent with an Accounting Specialization

This is a perfect job for those who want to be involved in criminal proceedings, research, and more. In this role, the agent will mainly be charged with investigating corporate embezzlement and fraud. Alternatively, this agent could be responsible for managing the budget of the FBI office.

7. Cost Accountant

Cost accountants are responsible for maintaining variable and fixed expenses within production and manufacturing companies. This person will be part of an executive team, providing advice and information on budgets, and how profits are affected.

8. Credit Analysis Manager

This role is all about making sure money that is owed to the company are collected. This person is responsible for the identification of patterns if certain bills aren’t paid, thereby helping to avoid future similar issues.

9. Tax Accountant

Tax accountants are in incredibly high demand. There has been a significant rise in the number of self-employed people, who suddenly have to complete their tax returns in a different way than what they were used to. In addition, a tax accountant can also work for any type of company, helping them to make sure they are fully compliant with their tax returns, while ensuring that all possible tax deductions are used.

10. Treasury Analyst

A Treasury analyst works for an organization, often a nonprofit one, and manages their credit, cash flow, asset levels, income, and liability obligation. This role will require liaising with other departments to ensure all finances are in order.

11. Auditor

An auditor will make sure financial records have been properly maintained, determining whether they are a fair and accurate statement. This is a strongly advisory role to ensure businesses are compliant and make the right decisions.

12. Cost Estimator

While cost estimators can work anywhere, they are most often found within production and manufacturing industries. This role is perfect for those who enjoy working with numbers, trying to figure out a way to make them work in such a way that more products and/or services can be delivered.

13. Government Accountant

This person will ensure that the governmental organization has its affairs in order. This is generally done through a fund accounting system, meaning that the accountant is responsible for making sure that money gets spent where it should be.

14. Recreational Sports Centers Accountant

This person makes sure that the sports center is fully compliant with relevant legislation, but also that it is running as efficiently as possible from a financial point of view.

15. Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Specialist

AML/BSA specialists ensure that rules and regulations within the financial sector, and particularly banks, are properly implemented and adhered to. The Patriot Act is also very important in this context. This specialist ensures banks are as efficient as possible, follow all regulations as they are developed, and that the bank can still function properly.

16. International Accountant

This person ensures that businesses can work with those in areas that do not follow the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). There is a strong focus on exchange rates and ensuring selling and collection of money is done at the right time, in line with regulations. This specialist also has in-depth understanding of international tax laws, to ensure compliance.

17. Environmental Accountant

An environmental accountant helps businesses become greener, working out the cost of “going green”, but also the cost to the planet of continuing with unsustainable practices. Additionally, these accountants work out the increase in revenue a company can experience by adopting sustainable technologies, as this often attracts a greater number of customers. Similarly, not adopting these technologies could result in lost customers.

18. Financial Advisor to the Stars

Most celebrities have insufficient financial knowledge. They need financial advisors, therefore, to help them manage their substantial income in such a way that they can maintain it even if they do not have the ability to work for a while, or at all. Advisors should be incredibly trustworthy, as they deal with people who value their privacy.

Obtaining an MBA degree and wanting to get into accounting is a good career move, and one that is likely to guarantee you a job for the rest of your life. There will always be a need for people with strong financial and accountancy knowledge, particularly when it comes to maintaining regulatory compliance in areas such as tax affairs.