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Criminal Justice MBA + Online No GMAT Options

May 2, 2021 3:16 pm0 commentsViews: 2497

If your interests lie in forensics, justice, and law enforcement, then completing a degree in criminal justice MBA could bring you one step closer to a career in your dream industry. In the United States, criminal justice is one industry that seems to be growing at an exponential rate, and should expand by up to 11% by 2016. Positions in this industry aren’t rare, which means that the marketplace is full of opportunity to those with a degree or diploma in this field, and you have the possibility to earn upwards of $15,000 more than other applicants in the legal and criminal justice department simply for being a graduate student.

Possible Careers and Salaries

On the lower end of this MBA there’s an opportunity to earn $52,920 to $85,160 in the role of legal secretary or paralegal, as well as alternative law office roles such as law office manager. You could also choose to become a mediator and make between $66,130 and $131,210. Some of the more well-known careers in this field fall under the role of law enforcement as a police officer, federal law enforcement, or federal bureau of investigation agent, which could bring your salary into the range of $39,130 to $113,860. Other positions you could investigate before proceeding in finding a career placement are in security, private investigation, criminology, forensics, and correctional facility roles.

May 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and job growth figures for Paralegals and Legal Assistants, Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators, and Police and Detectives represents national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data Accessed May 2021.

Reasons to Pursue Criminal Justice

If you’re already in a field relating to criminal justice or you have an interest in management and policy making, an MBA in Criminal Justice can help elevate you to higher levels in this system, and give you an advantage above other applicants. This degree will provide you with an ability to easy access jobs in your chosen industry, and give you the skills necessary to apply for traditional justice roles, as well as more complex business related positions in this market. The program is aimed at those students who already have a business background and will bring those skills to their new training protocols. This means that you’ll cover areas of study such as management theory, business administration and communication.

Classes You May Take

During your time in the Criminal Justice MBA program, you will be required to take various courses related to your degree, and though they may vary by school, the basic course load should include subjects like forensics, current law enforcement issues, organizational management, organized crime, evidential analysis, white collar crime, behavior analysis, public policy in society, and social change. You’ll learn research procedures, legalities revolving around investigations and research, as well as tactile approaches to criminal justice in the line of law enforcement. You may also take more business oriented courses such as managerial economics, global issues, interpersonal and organizational development, and ethical issues in business. Management and leadership skills will be tested throughout various exercises and projects aimed at exploring finances, budgeting, accounting, and modern legal positions.

Structure of The Program

Just like any other MBA you might be interested in studying under, the structure will change by institution, and even by method of teaching. Some students opt for hands on learning methods with lectures and lab work in a live classroom setting, while others choose to learn online through distance education. Although the internet approach to learning offers some restrictions, the advancements in technology including video conferencing and live streaming of lectures allows for a very realistic learning experience in which the classroom is brought to you. Your regular studies may be supplemented with information on how jails and other prison-like institutions function, and at some point you’ll be required to take on an independent or group project that relates to your chosen field of study.

Prerequisites for a Criminal Justice MBA

In order to be seriously considered as an applicant to a criminal justice MBA program you must have proof of an accredited undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of anywhere from 2.5 to 3.0 depending on the educational institution that you’re looking into. You may also require letters of recommendation or references from previous professors, as well as an essay or written letter from yourself outlining your goals for the program and why you wish to complete the criminal justice MBA. Your GMAT scores are also a large factor in whether or not you’ll be accepted into a program, as well as what kind of scholarships you’ll be eligible to apply for. Programs tend to be competitive, especially because the criminal justice MBA is such a new subject in the educational society.

Online Criminal Justice MBA Options

If you are interested in a career in criminal justice, you should strongly think about earning your MBA in the field. Earning your MBA in criminal justice will allow you to move into a position of upper management in a criminal justice organization, and possibly in a law enforcement agency. The best online MBA programs in this area with no GMAT are:

  1. Southern New Hampshire UniversityOnline MBA Criminal Justice – Accredited by ACBSP, this 100% online MBA program will provide students a solid business management background while studying our complex criminal justice system.
  2. Northcentral University – This online, no GMAT specialization hones in on the dynamic nature of the worldwide network that connects legal traditions and codes and how they are connected to criminal activity, ethics, law enforcement response and the legal system. You will develop highly advanced competencies and analytical abilities so that you can advance in management and leadership in law enforcement, the courts and correctional institutions.
  3. University of Phoenix – If you want to become a leader in the field of criminal justice and security, you should consider a Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security. This program will focus on both criminal justice and security, and you also will study cybercrime, public policy, forensics and profiling of criminals. You will also work a great deal on administrative program development and problem solving to prepare you for promotions in law enforcement, corrections and security.
  4. Liberty University – This Master of Business Administration with a focus in criminal justice will ready you for many leadership opportunities in business and criminal justice. You may pursue your passion in justice and law by advancing your skills in research, organizational administration, and criminal law. You also will get to know the contemporary issues that are involved in both law and business. Liberty is featured in the 50 most affordable online MBA degrees
  5. St Leo University – Do you want to achieve a better understanding of criminal justice administration and advance your career in the field? Consider a Masters of Criminal Justice online. This program is ideal for active and hopeful criminal justice professionals. You will greatly improve your knowledge, skills and values in the criminal justice field. Courses will talk about ethical and legal issues in the administration of criminal justice, and public policy decisions in the field. Also, you will learn about offender treatment methodology. No GMAT is required.
  6. Defiance College – You can focus on the criminal justice concentration in this online MBA program to give you the management background so that you can advance in a criminal justice agency. The criminal justice classes in this no GMAT program will drill down in theory, research, processes and criminal justice public policy.