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The Secret to Effectively Using LinkedIn for your MBA Job Search

April 16, 2021 2:19 pm0 commentsViews: 1918

Business People Team With World Map-resized-600There can be a great deal of fierce competition in the job market today. Although an MBA degree can set you apart from some of the competition, finding a job using LinkedIn can be beneficial. This business networking site has helped thousands of people find work for companies who are ditching the traditional job search methods and finding much more qualified applicants through LinkedIn. It is very important to follow the ethical and savvy promotion techniques for yourself on this social/business networking medium. There are some secrets to effectively using LinkedIn for your MBA job search, and you can find these techniques outlined below.

✔ Complete Your LinkedIn Profile and Work Experience Completely.

Before you begin marketing yourself as an MBA graduate in search of a great career opportunity, you will need to polish your LinkedIn profile to carry as much weight as you need. This means to completely fill out your profile with relevant job experience notated. It is important to outline each relevant job duties that were performed for all the jobs. A completed profile will be attractive to potential companies looking for a person with a certain level of experience.

✔ Get Recommendations from Your Network of People.

Recommendations are worth their weight in gold on LinkedIn. Getting positive feedback from past employers, supervisors, coworkers and even clients can go a long way in vouching for your credibility. These recommendations are visible to anyone you are connected to on LinkedIn, so they can be very weighty in determining your dependability and professional skills that have been seen by others. This is equivalent to having letters of recommendation, but instead of having these on a separate paper, they are displayed electronically on your profile for everyone to see.

✔ Use LinkedIn Answers to Show Your Expertise.

People throughout LinkedIn will ask questions that experts can answer. You can show your expertise by giving answers to these publicly displayed questions. This is an area where your expertise can be publicly shown. Potential employers will see these answers as a strong attribute. The more questions you answer, you may be able to gain credibility on LinkedIn’s list of experts.

✔ Join Groups that Coincide with Your Profession.

There are so many professional groups and associations on LinkedIn. One part of networking is belonging to these groups. They will often have open job searches that are posted in the group’s discussion board that are only accessible to the members of the group. Associations with organizations can be a very powerful tool in your job search. Most well-known associations and organizations have established groups on LinkedIn, but if for some reason yours is not already established, you can always create a new group.

✔ Become an Expert in Your Field.

Post updates regularly, but do not flood your network with unnecessary information. LinkedIn is very different from other social marketing mediums in that people do not want to keep the network business appropriate. They have Facebook for their personal lives, so keeping the information relevant to your business life is important.

✔ Get Connected to People with Authority and Respect in Your Profession.

When you are connected to people that are respected and have authority in your field, this can reflect very positively on you. When others see this connection, they will assume you have a certain level of authority as well. Being associated with people in positions of authority and respect can be rather helpful when looking for a job.

✔ Use the Right Keywords in Your Profile to be found.

Companies who are looking to fill a position and are looking on LinkedIn for qualified candidates will often search using certain keywords. If they are looking for a professional with an MBA degree, this will be included in their search terms. It is essential to include these keywords in your profile in order to be found.