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Information Management MBA + Online Options

April 14, 2021 4:24 pm0 commentsViews: 402

There was a time in business when only technology startup company managers and venture capitalists needed to understand how technology and business success work together. But today, all businesses around the world in all sectors must manage their technology and information well. And these companies usually rely on skilled MBAs to do the work.

They turn to MBAs to handle this critical work because the proper management of information is vital to succeed in modern business. Good information management in a company means that the organization is able to define, store, protect, manage, and share important information to all stakeholders in the business.

Given how important it is today to have excellent information management in all industries, it is no wonder that the information management MBA is becoming so popular.

Earning your MBA in information management will mean that you will spend a great amount of time learning both business management and IT hardware and software, and how to use both to accomplish business goals and management information successfully. Some of the general areas that you will study are:

  • Database systems
  • Internet security
  • Data mining
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Accounting systems
  • Software engineering systems

In this type of MBA program, you will be given a lot of hands on instruction with cutting edge software. The concentration will spend a good deal of time teaching you statistics as they apply to management problems. Also, expect to learn the advanced principles of conceptual understanding, and how to do statistical analyses.

Students in this MBA program will learn both the limits and potential of statistics, and will gain a lot of experience using Excel and SAS.

Information Management MBA Curriculum

The concentration of information management in an MBA program has these types of courses:

  • Analytics for Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics Programming
  • Business Data Management
  • Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Information Security
  • Information Technology in the Digital Era
  • Interpretation of Data

Why Earn an MBA in Information Management?

When you earn an MBA in information management, you will learn how to leverage IT assets to create more value for customers with better business processes and better information design. Also, you will have a better understanding of strategic, financial and economic implications of vital IT projects.

Earning a master of business in information management will provide you with a strong foundation so that you can articulate the business and strategic value of IT. It is very important for managers in this field to be able to talk about IT value outside of the IT world, so that they can effectively manage global resources and projects related to IT.

With these types of advanced IT management skills, you will have many exciting, and good-paying job possibilities before you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the employment for IT professionals will grow by 11% by 2029. It is expected that this field will add 531,200 jobs in that time.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

One of the hot areas for MBAs in information management is computer and information systems managers. These professionals are often referred to as IT managers or IT project managers. They plan and coordinate all computer related activities in a company. Some of these jobs may be more technical, but there are also numerous, lucrative opportunities available for smart business professionals with information management skills.

Some of the common duties for IT managers and project managers include:

  • Assess costs and benefits of new business and IT projects. Justify the costs to senior executives.
  • Ensure the security of all computers and IT equipment.
  • Plan and direct any installation and maintenance of computer systems that are needed
  • Work with senior management to plan out information management needs for future business projects

There are also other types of positions that are related to that of IT managers and IT project managers for which you may be qualified with an MBA:

  • Chief information officer: These highly paid professionals are responsible for managing the technology strategy of their company. They are in charge of determining the technology and information management goals of the firm and they then oversee how technology is implemented to meet business goals.
  • Chief technology officer: They evaluate new technology and determine the best way that it can help their organization. This type of executive tends to be more technically oriented, but a skilled MBA also can be a valuable asset in this role.
  • IT director: This role also may be referred to as management information systems director. He or she is responsible for the company’s IT department, and they handle direct supervision of other employees in the department.

Computer and information managers are going to see strong job demand in the future, with a 10% increase in jobs expected by 2029. This is a faster growth rate than other occupations.

It is thought that the demand for these business IT professionals will grow as companies are expanding their operations to include advanced digital platforms. This high demand is reflected in the median salary for these types of jobs: $151,150 as of May 2020.

May 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and job growth figures for Computer and Information Technology Occupations and Computer and Information Systems Managers represents national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data Accessed May 2021.


Online Information Management MBA

Business professionals who want to develop excellent information management skills for their business career should consider an online MBA in Information Management from Grantham University. This is a two year degree that will teach you how to plan, direct and coordinate vital activities that are part of information systems, systems analysis and data processing.

This accredited online MBA program stresses managerial skills, complex business strategies, and excellent decision making skills that are based upon emerging technology trends in modern corporations.

The majority of graduates of this program become information systems managers, IT managers, IT project managers and technical service managers.

The coursework in this MBA program will provide you with these skills:

  • Analyze knowledge and information of past, present and future business operations to learn how to create the best value today
  • Apply modern knowledge and adapt it to new applications in all areas of business
  • Integrate business and technical theory and practice to perform planning and strategic analysis
  • Use advanced, quantitative analysis in business
  • Evaluate modern information processing and computer networking systems
  • Assess and develop new plans for IS expansion and implementation

You will take all of these courses to complete your degree, which is followed by a capstone project:

  • BA530 Marketing Management
  • BA645 Project Management Essentials
  • BA570 Strategic Management
  • IS545 Emerging Technologies
  • IS525 Information Systems Strategic Planning
  • BA510 Accounting
  • BA520 Quantitative Analysis
  • BA530 Marketing Management
  • BA540 Managerial Economics
  • BA550 Finance
  • BA560 Business Ethics
  • BA570 Strategic Management
  • BA590 Organizational Behavior
  • BA599 Capstone Project         3
  • BA645 Project Management Essentials
  • IS525 Information Systems Strategic Planning
  • IS545 Emerging Technologies
  • GU500 Graduate Student Success

More information:

  • Campus: Lenexa KS
  • Type: Non-Profit
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission
  • Tuition: $325 per credit hour
  • GRE/GMAT Required: No
  • Minimum Time Commitment: 24 months
  • On Campus Requirements: Yes
  • Programs Offered: MBA in Information Management


Skilled MBA graduates are needed for companies that need effective management of their information management systems. Having excellent and effective IT systems is essential to achieve business goals in the modern, competitive global marketplace. Earning this MBA will put you in a strong position to accelerate your career in the information management and information technology space.