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Healthcare Administration MBA + No GMAT Options

April 1, 2021 12:51 am0 commentsViews: 2904

As you consider earning your MBA to increase your marketability and your salary, be sure to keep in mind an MBA in healthcare administration. This is an excellent career choice for many professionals.

If you are a current health professional, earning your MBA can help you to move into management in your healthcare organization. And if you are a business professional, earning an MBA in healthcare administration can help you to find a very good-paying upper management position in many healthcare organizations.

You can be confident that this is the case: The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the job market for all healthcare-related positions will increase by 15% in the ten year run-up to 2029. You can expect that there will be a higher demand for all types of clinical healthcare workers, and this will in turn create demand for more healthcare organizations and facilities. Those facilities will always need good healthcare administrators to run them.

With an MBA in healthcare administration, you will position yourself as a top notch option for many excellent career opportunities in healthcare management.

What Is a Healthcare Administration MBA?

An MBA in healthcare administration will offer you the skills, expertise and tools that you need to successfully manage hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care facilities.

An MBA in healthcare administration is usually designed for the healthcare worker or business professional who has experience in the healthcare field. This type of MBA will focus on building your business management skills, as well as instilling vital knowledge that is specific to running a healthcare facility efficiently.

This MBA will also show you have to improve your strategic thinking and planning to analyze the vision, mission and long term goals of health care organizations. You also will learn how to better evaluate current healthcare issues and policies regarding social, economic and political issues in the field.

After you graduate from your MBA program in healthcare administration, you will be very well qualified to work in these types of positions:

  • Healthcare administrator
  • Practice manager
  • Healthcare manager
  • Nursing care manager
  • Health care consultant
  • Healthcare executive

Specific Requirements

The majority of MBA in healthcare administration programs will require you to have a bachelor’s degree in a related healthcare or business field. One of the most common paths into this profession is for a clinical healthcare worker, such as a nurse, to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing. After several years of working in clinical roles, the nurse wants to move into management and administration. Earning an MBA in healthcare management or administration allows her to do so.

Other healthcare workers may have a background in business, public health or health management, and then earn their MBA to move into higher paying management roles.

To enter a quality MBA program in healthcare administration, you should aim for a 3.0 GPA in your undergraduate work, and you may need to have high GRE or GMAT scores.

If you have an extensive clinical background, such as in nursing, it will help if you have a current RN designation and several years of work experience.

Types of Courses To Expect

Most online MBA programs have a core set of six to nine classes that you need to complete successfully before taking your healthcare administration specialty classes. For example, Southern New Hampshire University’s online program requires you to take these core classes:

  • Mathematics and Statistics for Business
  • Economics for Business
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Business Law
  • Human Behavior in Organizations
  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Marketing and Strategy

Then you will take these classes:

  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Topics in Health Administration
  • Social and Organizational Issues in Healthcare

Career Path and Salary

The career path trajectory for all healthcare workers is outstanding, with 15% job demand increase in the next eight years. While many of the jobs will be needed in the clinical area, it is clear that all of the new healthcare facilities that are being constructed will need highly skilled healthcare administrators to manage them efficiently.

Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare administrators are a type of medical and health services managers. They are responsible for planning, directing and coordinating healthcare services for hospitals, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices, among others. Some healthcare administrators manage the whole facility, and others may manage a certain clinical area or department.

The job outlook for healthcare administrators is good, with 32% job growth anticipated by 2029. This growth is due to the greater need for healthcare services as a whole, as our population is getting older and living longer.

The pay also is excellent, with $104,280 being the median pay in 2020.

May 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and job growth figures for Healthcare Occupations and Medical and Health Services Managers represents national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data Accessed May 2021.

Online Healthcare Administration MBA

As you consider earning your MBA to increase your marketability and your salary, be sure to keep in mind an MBA in healthcare administration. This is an excellent career choice for many professionals.

If you are a current health professional, earning your MBA can help you to move into management in your healthcare organization. And if you are a business professional, earning an MBA in healthcare administration can help you to find a very good-paying upper management position in many healthcare organizations. Some of the best online, no GMAT options include these excellent universities:

  1. Northcentral University: Professionals in health care administration are in great demand in many hospitals and health organizations. The focus of this no GMAT program is to help you to develop the essential skills and managerial knowledge that you need to be a successful manager in health care administration. You also will learn a great deal about effective financial management, ethical and legal issues in health care, and how to examine and develop new health care policies that are fair and equitable. This program consists of 30 credit hours, and may be completed in up to four years.
  2. Grand Canyon University: You can earn your Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Health Systems Management. This program will ready you for serious leadership roles in healthcare by focusing on leadership theory, organizational leadership, problem solving, self leadership, and organizing effective work teams. YOu will be ready for many different advanced management positions in the health care field. This program requires classes in Legal and Ethical Principles in Healthcare, Health Care Policies and Economics, Operations Management, Quantitative Methods, and Managerial Finance. You can finish this no GMAT degree in 24 months.
  3. Argosy U: This online MBA program will allow you to boost your professional skills that are sorely needed by modern health care organizations. The experienced faculty here come from all areas of the healthcare industry. They will teach you in ways that go far beyond the regular business management techniques that you see at many other online schools. You can finish your health administration MBA in just 12 months.
  4. Baker College Online: This is a no GMAT business program that will give you an MBA in Health Care Management. You will learn in this program how to understand the role of health care management in the modern economy. Also, you will examine the issues that are faced by health care managers every day. There is a focus on service, cost, and quality of care in the instruction. Complete your online degree in less than three years.
  5. University of Phoenix: If you want to play a key role in the delivery of healthcare, consider this Master of Business Administration with a focus in Healthcare Management. You will really understand the great complexities in the health care industry today, through innovative courses in Quantitative Reasoning for Business, and Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems. This program consists of at least 36 credit hours, and you will take up to 15 electives in areas of health care management that interest you.
  6. Kaplan University: Earn your MBA in Health Care Management so that you can gain an interdisciplinary perspective of the operations and quality management in the field of health care. A great deal of attention in this online program is given to casual tools and approaches that are essential to providing total quality management and quality improvement. The curriculum in this top MBA program was selected by an expert panel of global business professionals, and features many international business case studies from which you will learn. A total of 76 credits must be completed to earn this degree.
  7. Devry University: The demand for highly knowledgeable business professionals in the health care field is growing. You can earn your MBA in Health Services Management to become a highly qualified leader in the field, and you will be able to handle all aspects of operating a medical facility. With this no GMAT online degree, you will be well qualified to work as a leader as an assistant department head, hospital administrator, or an upper management position in many different health care facilities.
  8. Florida Tech University: No matter if you want to get into health care consulting or health plan management, or some other type of job, this MBA with a specialization in Healthcare Management can help you to get there. At the heart of this no GMAT program is the essential two course sequence Essentials of Business Development I and II. These courses will help you to develop your very own business plan in the health care management field. With this accredited degree, you can become a director of health care marketing, hospital administrator, health analytics director, or healthcare finance manager.
  9. Western Governor’s University: This strong online healthcare MBA will give you many possible avenues for advancement in the field of health care management and administration. This is the ideal MBA for an experienced health care professional who wants to advance their medical career in management, or for the experienced business professional who wants to get into the health care sector in upper management. You need to take a total of 36 credit hours to complete this no GMAT program in three years.