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Top 14 MBA Careers In Education

February 20, 2021 9:05 pm0 commentsViews: 13952

In pursuing an MBA, your goal is likely to get a really good job. However, “really good” is subjective. For some, it means more money, others want more power, and still others want to be able to make a bigger difference in the lives of others, working in areas where they feel they can drive change, including in education. Thus, schools are seeing that many students are now taking education courses as part of their elective options. This is because, besides having transferable business skills, it will give them an opportunity to contribute to the field of education. Many schools are now even setting up education clubs to ensure students can meet their personal objectives. Let’s take a look at the best MBA in education careers.

1. Educational Policy Manager

This is a position generally taken up at federal level, although opportunities also exist at state and local level. A major goal is to drive policy to improve educational attainment, and accessibility to education.

2. Educational Technology Manager

This is an interesting position, often taken up on a consultancy level, whereby MBA graduates help in the development of new courses using modern technology. This can be used across all levels of education.

3. Educational Management

Various positions exist within educational management. In the past, the roles of principal or superintendent were reserved for those with a Master in Education. Today, however, educational bodies are operating in a similar way as businesses, which means there is a need for those with business acumen.

4. A Position with Education Pioneers

Education Pioneers is a nonprofit organization that operates with one goal in mind: to help graduate students find positions of leadership and management within education institutions. Around 25% of all their applicants are MBA degree holders.

5. Director of Teacher Recruitment

This person will be responsible for the identification and placement of teachers. In many cases, this focuses on supplying teachers, but the director of teacher recruitment can also work with educational establishments all over the country in order to help them fill vacancies across the board.

6. Educational Reform Manager

Education is in a constant state of reform, with new targets and expected achievements. While much of that is created and suggested by those who have an understanding of education and educational psychology, MBA degree holders are in high demand to help with the management of these types of programs, as well as with their implementation.

7. Educational Consultant

Believe it or not, MBAs can even work for academic consultancy firms that help colleges design career development programs. These agencies look specifically for candidates who can help students make decisions about how the specific blend of courses they take will affect their ability to qualify for CPA licensure or industry certs like the CFP. MBA graduates are in particularly high demand.

8. President of Student Club

This position is usually reserved for alumni of certain universities. This person will make sure students are properly motivated and supported to complete their degree. There is also a strong focus on fun.

9. Online and Hybrid Curriculum Manager

This is a strong overseeing role, managing a team of other professionals, who develop the curriculum for online and hybrid learning. Those are two rapidly growing forms of education, and there is a need for someone to manage the administration behind their implementation. Additionally, there is a strong need for those who have the necessary marketing skills to increase their overall popularity.

10. Educational Tool Marketer

Marketing educational tools is a very popular area to go into for MBA degree holders because of the associated salary. Generally speaking, jobs in education are not incredibly well paid. However, educational tools are created by for-profit businesses, and the associated salaries are therefore much higher. Naturally, the salary is not comparable to that of a top executive on Wall Street, but it is certainly very interesting and enough to create a pretty quick return on investment for the cost of the MBA degree.

11. Human Resources Specialist

All MBA programs have a strong focus on human resources, an integral part of any business. Human resources management is equally important within the education sector. Often, MBA degree holders will work for the human resource department of a larger school district, holding responsibility for all staff members, including teachers, principals, teaching assistants, coaches, and so on.

12. Reviewer on Scholarship Committees

Another very interesting position for someone who has completed an MBA in education is to get a job with an agency that provides grants and scholarships to students. Deciding whether or not a scholarship should be awarded to certain students, particularly when there are often hundreds of applicants for each scholarship, is a very serious role. An MBA degree holder can use his or her extensive knowledge on financial systems to ensure the right person receives the scholarship.

13. Fundraiser

As a fundraiser for schools or other educational establishments, the goal will be to attract money, investments, and other forms of funding for the establishment. Specifically, skills in communications will come in very handy, as well as the network connections that developed while completing the MBA degree.

14. Entrepreneur

Many people who study towards and MBA generally have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. If, besides being an entrepreneur, you are also someone who wants to make a positive difference to the world, you could decide to start a company that focuses on education. This could be anything from a nonprofit organization, coordinating educational efforts in areas where there is low access to education, to a for profit organization that provides training to CEOs of Fortune 100 companies.

More and more students find that they want to focus their MBA degree specifically to a certain industry, and education seems to be a popular one. As a result, programs are meeting this demand by adapting their curriculum, adding new elective courses, and/or starting educational clubs. Just because you graduate from a business degree, in other words, does not mean you can’t work in the social sector as well and still be the best you can be. While the money will certainly not be as good as many other positions available to you, the satisfaction may be far higher, particularly if you are driven by improving the lives of others within a community.

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