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What You Can Bring to a Startup With an MBA Degree

April 23, 2021 3:01 pm0 commentsViews: 1076

Without question, there are numerous MBAs out there for the choosing. Most likely, there is one for just about any idea that you have. Those who work hard for their MBAs generally have a pretty clear picture of the career path they would like to take. Your job search should have begun before you even started with your course of study; it is imperative that you know the industry, the niche, and the level you want to achieve in your career, but equally as important as all of that is the why.

If you’ve done your homework well and have been able to identify your area of interest, you are better equipped to start your job search at a particular startup. Knowing what you hope to accomplish with your MBA will give you the needed confidence you have to reach out for the position of your choice.

✔ Know Yourself

Once you’ve acquired the right knowledge about the specific niche you’re reaching out for it is essential that you analyze your skills to determine what unique abilities you can bring to the business. It’s not enough to have a passion for your choice of careers, but you must also know how the niche will be made better because of your contribution. This is where knowing the why will come in.

Understanding yourself enough to know exactly why the industry appeals to you will help you to be able to see how much of an asset you hope to be. If you’re already a customer for that particular business, then all the better. Maybe you frequent their website for useful information – that’s great too. The point is – if you’re familiar with a particular company or intrigued enough to do the background work to see where you can make an ideal fit you’re already on the path to your new career.

✔ Network

You must always keep your goals very clear in your mind and be willing to discuss them with anyone who would listen. If the idea of getting out and rubbing shoulders with strangers does not appeal to you then you’re going to have a difficult time reaching those who can open the right doors for you. Your goal is to get your name, reputation, image, and history out in front of as many people as you can. You want to show not just that you want a job but you want to show your passion for the industry you’re seeking to break into.

When you’re networking, make sure that you ask the kind of questions that will impress your listeners. If you’ve done your research well, you’ll know which questions to ask that will show off your commitment to the industry and your knowledge about the company. Your carefully posed questions should let them know clearly what you plan to bring to the table.

The best time to find out information about a particular company or industry is while you’re still in school. This is probably the only time in your life when you’ll have a wealth of resources right at your fingertips. Talk to your classmates, professors, or anyone else that can give you some inside information about the company. Use this resource to the full and take advantage of anyone who is willing to give you that extra help you’re looking for.

✔ Make Connections

When you have a name of a person that can pull strings for you make contact in a way that will be memorable. Don’t just send a short e-mail that says that you’d like to set up an interview. If you want to be ahead of the pack you’ll need to impress them with some sort of hook. Just asking for a meeting and telling them you’re interested in a job will most likely get your request sent straight to the round file. However, if you let them know your objective and what you have to offer you’ll have a much better chance of getting that meeting you were hoping for.

✔ Tailor Your Online Presence

Have an online presence that is tailored to the career you’re choosing. An online presence tells your future employer several things about you. First, it shows that you know your way around modern technology and you use it regularly; and second, it allows your future employer to really get to know you and what you’re interested in.

Take a look at your online exposure and decide if it needs a bit of adjusting to make you more employable. If your social media pages are full of wild college parties and drinking binges don’t expect too many people to be knocking down your door. If you’ve been ‘friended’ by a bunch of strangers who don’t lead the kind of life that would look appealing to an employer you either need to tailor your online presence to support your goals or start a business presence online completely separate from your personal life.

✔ Dare to Be Different

Basically, when it comes to getting a job with a startup company you have to dare to be different. Think about the company you’re hoping to work for; the mere fact that they are a startup tells you that they want to be cut apart from the pack so why should they be concerned with hiring anyone who is stuck right in the middle. Make your presence known to all who will listen and make sure that you are offering something that is totally unique and different.

Whatever you do, you want to present yourself as creative, unique, talented, and likeable. You can have all the experience, knowledge, and ingenuity possible, but if they don’t like you chances are you won’t ever see that job. There is a time and a place for everything and there are times when you may want to say something but it may be better to decide against it. Get your foot in the door first then do your best at everything once inside.

If you’re able to present yourself in a positive and unique light you’re sure to find the perfect career in a startup company and are ready to launch your future.