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International Business MBA + 10 No GMAT Options

May 1, 2021 10:28 pm0 commentsViews: 1201

Earning an international MBA is becoming a very popular trend, as globalization means that companies have a presence all over the world. Earning an MBA that is focused on international business can provide you with the diverse business management skills that you need to qualify for top level executive positions in multinational corporations.

Given the growing globalization in the business world, education experts have been seeing more business students earning an international MBA in the last decade. Not only are they studying the international business specialty: Many students are opting to attend an international business school overseas. Applications have been increasing in international business MBA programs in the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Earning an international MBA and/or an international business MBA will provide you with a better international background that will improve your ability to compete in the global marketplace.

What Is an International Business MBA?

An MBA in international business will require you to learn all of the normal MBA subjects, but also will have a heavy focus on international business and foreign studies. This is a two or three year program that will help you to learn how to make tough business decisions on an international level.

An international business MBA will help you to nurture and grow your international business management skills, and also will give you a better multinational knowledge and skillset.

An MBA in international business will focus on international government policy, international financial management and services, managing in a cross cultural environment, international customs and attitudes, law and finance in the international field, and international ethics. Also, you will study multinational corporate management, international trade law, economic systems around the world, and foreign market investing.

Job Tip

One of the areas where a newly minted international business MBA could see many job opportunities is in international trade. A major obstacle to the export of goods for smaller US companies is to clear the goods through US Customs.

Customs modernization efforts are underway and will continue as technology and international business evolve. There should be more opportunities for companies to work in global trade, and this can help to increase the ability for smaller firms in the US to export. International business MBAs should be able to use their skills with these companies to increase company profits by going global.

Specific Requirements

To qualify for admission for an international business MBA, you will need to have several years of relevant work experience to get into most programs. Most MBA admission panels will look carefully at your prior work experience, as it is very often the most valid predictor of your future success in a rigorous MBA program.

Regarding academics, it is advised that you have a substantial background in classes in business, statistics, mathematics, finance and accounting. Also, it is ideal if you are fluent in a foreign language.

Most quality MBA programs will require you to have a top notch statement of purpose that describes your career goals in international business.

For competitive international MBA programs, you should have a GPA well above 3.0.

It also will be helpful if you have international work experience, having lived abroad in a foreign country and gained experience in that country’s business environment.

Countries with the fastest growth currently include China, India, Israel, Russia, and Portugal.

Types of Courses to Expect

Every MBA program will mandate that you take a set of core classes in finance, accounting, law and ethics, marketing and other basic business management classes.

Then you will take a core set of international business classes, such as those offered at Rutgers University:

  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Global Management Strategy
  • International Financial Markets
  • International Trade and Macroeconomics
  • Management of Innovation and Technology
  • Negotiations
  • New Product Commercialization

Career Path and Salary

Generally, the job outlook for international business professionals with an MBA are strong. One of the most common positions that international business MBAs are taking in 2021 is financial analyst.

Financial analysts with an international business MBA are in demand because they are providing very important advice to businesses about their investment decisions. They are very critical to helping the company assess how investments are performing, and how to invest in the future.

Financial analysts in the global marketplace can be one of two basic types:

  • Buy side analysts: They develop new business and investment strategies for corporations that have large amounts of funds to invest. These companies may be called institutional investors, and often include hedge funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, money management companies, and large universities that have billions in endowments.
  • Sell side analysts: They provide advice to financial services agents who sell stocks, bonds and many types of other investments.

Because investing is becoming so global, you may be able to specialize in a certain region or country. Many financial analysts choose to specialize in countries such as Russia, China and India, which are becoming very important on the international business stage.

With these types of advanced  international business skills, you will find that you will be in strong demand. All financial analysts will see a 5% increase in job demand by 2029. Workers who have a large base of international business knowledge will enjoy especially high demand.

Pay for financial analysts is also excellent, with a median wage of $83,660 being reported in 2020. The top 10% earned above $159,560 per year.

Companies that work in securities, commodities, and related financial investments paid the best: $98,850.

Also, with an international business MBA, you will qualify for many other exciting positions. Some of the most common job titles that are seen after graduating with an international business MBA include:

  • Global Business Development Manager
  • Global Supply Chain Manager
  • Offshore Outsourcing Director
  • Strategy and Analytics Manager
  • Director of International Expansion

May 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and job growth figures for financial analysts represents national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data Accessed May 2021.

Online International Business MBA Programs

Every day, the world is shrinking a bit more, due to the increase in technology and the growth of the global marketplace. As this occurs, earning your MBA in international business is a better idea than ever. You can earn your advanced degree online, with no GMAT examination, and greatly enhance your career and salary prospects.

10 online MBA programs in international business include the following:

  1. Walden University: This Master of Business Administration in International Business will provide you with the business skills and knowledge that you need to be a highly competitive and effective manager and leader in international business. This program does not require the GMAT, and you will be able to finish it online in under 30 months. You will take classes in Managing and Leading, Marketing, Business Operations Abroad, Accounting for Business Management, and Financial Management.
  2. Northeastern University: This no GMAT program offers an MBA in International Management. The courses address how to manage international marketing and finances, and also the diverse cultural challenges that are inherent in international business. You will develop the skills to create a competitive global advantage for your company, and you will become a successful innovator. This online MBA will look at the specific concepts and techniques that you need to deal with financial management in a multinational organization. These include dealing with foreign exchange markets, capital budgeting, managing foreign investment and dealing with political risk.
  3. Thunderbird University: This top business program offers a Master of Science in Global Management. It is designed for the early career professional who wants to work in international business and global management. This program gives you an ideal blend of business instruction on a global basis, with deep training in international relations, cross cultural communications and foreign languages. You can complete this no GMAT degree in 15-18 months.
  4. Liberty University: This Master of Business Administration with a cognate in International Business will ready you for leadership roles in the global marketplace. You will learn about global and financial developing markets, and will master the best business practices on an international level. The leading curriculum in this no GMAT degree program will ready you to become a business expert on a global level. You will be well suited after graduation for a position as a global manager or as an international business consultant, among many other possibilities.
  5. Benedictine University: The International MBA program in this no GMAT program will ready you to enter the global workplace, with the confidence that you will have an excellent understanding of the essential skills that you need to succeed in a global business environment. This program may be completed entirely online, and you will need to complete a total of 64 credit hours. You should have at least two years of work experience before you apply. You may transfer up to 16 credit hours from another MBA program. Most students finish this degree part time in two years.
  6. University of Liverpool: This online Master of Business Administration in International Business will examine the realities and opportunities that are associated with business in an international context. This will allow you to explore many different real-world scenarios in business. You will find that there is a strong focus on developing your skills of leadership and communication all through this three year program. This program is done fully online and you will enjoy a highly interactive experience, with many chances to build an international network of business associates.
  7. American Intercontinental University: The MBA with a specialization in International Business is made to challenge you to fully analyze both the legal and the regulatory environment in which modern global businesses function. You also will learn to come up with strategic solutions to complex international business problems. This no GMAT program is designed to help you to in the development of your business skills so that you may succeed in our growing global economy. Courses include Global Financial Management, Business Research for Decision Making, A Managerial Approach to Marketing, Economics for the Global Manager, International Finance and International Management and Leadership. 100% online.
  8. Northcentral University: This MBA with a specialization in International Business will provide you with all that you need to know about the management of multinational corporations. With this online, no GMAT degree, you will be well suited to take on a new, leading role in international management. This specialization will focus on economics, law, marketing and strategic management. Classes include International Economics, International Marketing, Global Business Strategic Management, and the Cultural Environment of International Business. This is a 30 credit hour program.