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How to Become Senior Manager With An MBA Degree

January 9, 2021 6:52 pm0 commentsViews: 10785

Anyone who has pursued an MBA degree has very definite goals in mind. Their aspirations run high and they are looking for more than just a regular job. Once they have earned their MBA degree, chances are they are looking for a senior management position that will earn them a top salary. While it may not be the end to their dreams there are many that expect no less after graduation.

Here are some tips to help navigate through the job search to find the perfect position:

Find a Mentor

Even after you have acquired your MBA degree there is still much to learn. There is a lot to be said for hands on experience as opposed to instruction. While both are valuable assets to your career you’re now in a position where you need that additional expertise that you can only get from working. One way to get that is to have a personal adviser to walk you through all of the steps and information that you may not have been able to glean through your studies. Finding a mentor in the company that you choose to work for can also work to your advantage. It gives upper level management a chance to see your performance first hand so they’ll know exactly what you’re capable of. And with a mentor telling you step by step how they made it to the top you’ll be well on your way.

Leave the Country

Not just for a vacation but to work. Your MBA has now opened up the entire world for you. Your job market is not limited to what’s going on in this country, and don’t discount the possibility that you might find job opportunities in areas you never thought of. Even if you plan to work here in the US, it doesn’t help to get that additional experience from working in an international market, especially if you are getting that experience in a fast moving part of the world.


Make a plan. Senior partners spend a lot of time strategizing on different goals of the company. Develop a strategic plan to demonstrate that you know how the company thinks and operates. This lets the company know that you have developed this strategic-thinking skill and will improve your chances of getting noticed by upper management. So, even if you have landed yourself an entry level position in the company, the more you make yourself visible, the better your chances of getting noticed by the company and the quicker you’ll find yourself climbing up the corporate ladder.

Become a Leader

Whatever your position is within your company, you don’t want to stay there. Assume a leadership role whenever you can among your coworkers and those who may be working with you. Make sure that you don’t dominate them, but show them that you have a sincere interest in them and they will automatically follow you. Work at building and improving relationships through the leadership skills that you learned through your MBA course. As you work this these relationships, you’ll soon realize that people will be very comfortable following you if you know how to take the lead.

Aim at a Promotion

If you’re already in a lower-level position you already have a relationship with upper management. Today, more companies than ever are appreciative of ambitious employees looking to rise up the corporate ladder and more and more women are making that leap. Many prefer to promote from within the corporation as it saves them from the time spent with a new manager needing to familiarize themselves with the company. Make it known that you have your MBA and are willing to fill a void in the company if needed and make sure that your work history with them is above stellar.

Become a People Person

The better you are with people, the better your chances of moving up in the company. The majority of people who quit their jobs each year are directly related to the relationship that they have with their manager, and companies are beginning to feel the brunt of the losses. Show upper management that you know how to interact well with people and can manage employees in a way that can produce positive results without the frustration and you have a good chance of moving up.

The goal of becoming a senior manager in your company really requires just as much skill as it took to land your MBA. With a little strategizing and careful planning your goals can easily be within reach.

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