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7 Productivity Tools for MBA’s That Can Maximize Your Efficiency

May 6, 2021 6:24 pm0 commentsViews: 4008


Are you earning your MBA right now? If so, you should take full advantage of the latest technology and innovations that allow you to maximize your efficiency. Some of the best productivity tools for MBA students include the following:

  1. Dropbox – Dropbox is a fantastic online collaboration website that MBAs and other students can use to share their files. You just create a folder in your documents section that lets you to just copy/paste your files into that folder. Then they are uploaded to your Dropbox folder. If you share that Dropbox folder, all of the members of your team will then have file access. This is a very convenient MBA productivity tool to share drafts of documents and other group projects you’re working on.
  2. Google Docs – This is another collaboration tool that MBA students really cannot do without these days. This is not a tool to actually share files. Rather, it is for you and your classmates to use to edit files together. Google Docs makes it a breeze for several people to edit a document at once. There also is a chat screen where you can type messages to other people about the edits you are making. This can help to reduce the time that all of you are in group meetings and can make it simpler for all of you to see the documents as they are being edited.
  3. Skype – This is a very important collaboration tool that tends to be underutilized for some reason by many groups, MBA students included. Perhaps it is because people tend to view Skype as a way to just talk to another person one on one? In any case, Skype can be used for you to talk to several people at once, face to face, and there is a convenient chat screen as well, which is helpful if you need to have a written record of what is discussed.
  4. Join Me – If you are an MBA student, there is going to come a time when you are going to need to share your computer screen with someone else. This is a simple program to use and is free. This productivity tool is very helpful if you need to share your screen as you are taking a class, or need help with a computer problem.
  5. Teux Deux – Writing to do lists is an essential for any college student, especially anyone in an MBA program. Of course, writing to do lists can be a pain, but this is one of the easiest applications out there to write your lists. There are apps available for most smartphones, an online browser, and the program simply works. You can move tasks easily from one day to another, and there also is a someday section. If you want a simple way to manage your MBA-related tasks, you’ve found it here.
  6. Questia – This is an outstanding online research website that has a massive catalogue of books, journals, papers, articles and magazines. While it does cost $19 per month, this really is worth it for MBA students who need to do regular research for papers and projects.
  7. Soshiku – This app is a very powerful tool that will keep all of your MBA assignments in order. You can easily add courses, notes, tasks, and assignments as they come in. Also, you can get your average grade in your classes by entering your scores. You also will get a notification when your assignment is almost due.

If you utilize these seven productivity tools in your MBA program, you definitely will become more productive and organized.