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7 Insanely Positive Ways President Trump Will (Hopefully) Impact Your Business Career

January 28, 2016 10:48 pm0 commentsViews: 191

Trump’s presidential victory took much of the country by surprise. Where many before had considered Trump’s economic policies more of an academic exercise, it is now clear that Trump will have a very real impact on shaping America’s economy – as well as the world’s – for years to come.

As with every president, a large faction is predicting gloom. There is good reason, however, to think that Trump’s business background may bring with it some very positive changes for the careers of many business owners, executives, managers and even smaller-scale business professionals.

If you’ve wondered how Trump might impact your business career, here are 7 insanely positive benefits you can look forward to today.

#1 Trump Wants to Cap the Corporate Tax Rate at 15 Percent

Taxes, taxes, taxes. We shall never escape them, so the most we can hope for is a good rate. Luckily, Donald Trump seems poised to deliver one to American business owners, curtailing the current corporate cap to 15 percent, a dramatic decrease from the 35 percent federal rate it’s sitting at now.

If you own your company, the benefit here is obvious. However, even if you do not, this significant savings is likely to mean good things for the company overall – less money going out in the form of taxes, more funds for paying employees, generating growth and business development. It’s safe to say that no matter who you are or what your ownership stakes, this is a major upside.

#2 He Cares About Trade Relationships

Donald Trump has taken a lot of heat for his take on trade relations. His stance on NAFTA, for instance – that it’s the worst trade deal the United States has ever made – has generated rafts of criticism from those who insist that the North American Free Trade Agreement has been excellent for the American economy, giving us a share in goods produced in Mexico that wouldn’t be produced here even if we were to shut down supply lines immediately.

It’s all very complex, really. So where’s the good news? For now, it’s that Trump is taking a major interest in trade relationships. He intends to shut down trade bullying from China, and is supported by some of the biggest exporters in the United States, such as Boeing. These companies throw their weight behind Trump on the assumption that he’s going to keep his eye on the prize, making sure our goods land as favorably as possible in foreign markets. If you’re in business, there’s a good chance this determination to wrest greater control over trade relations will have a positive impact on your career.

#3 Trump Wants to Create Jobs

Many criticize Trump’s stand on immigrants, and there is good reason to believe that out-of-hand deportation of all illegal citizens would have catastrophic consequences for our economy. However, these promises seem less likely to form an actual part of Trump’s business platform – he is, after all, a savvy operator – and more likely a campaign tactic.

In reality, Trump wants to create jobs, not simply by taking them away from others, but by generating new opportunities through business growth. One of the ways he intends to do this is through his stimulus package, which we will discuss below.

#4 … and He Does NOT Want to Cut Them

Moreover, Trump intends to back up this job-creation priority by making it even more difficult for companies to let workers go. If you work for a larger corporation and have ever faced job uncertainty, you know how beneficial this is. Budget cuts may no longer be able to fell hundreds of workers at a time, if Trump has his way. Combined with his insistence that jobs should stay on American soil, this could mean seriously increased job security for workers lower on the rung as well as those who manage them.

#5 Trump Will Improve Transportation Infrastructure

The new president is big on infrastructure. Planes, trains and automobiles are all critical to the transportation of goods and services throughout the country, and many of these systems are antiquated, struggling to hang on from the postwar expansion that first gave them life more than 50 years ago. Trump’s goal is to breathe life anew into those infrastructures, improving them and building additional routes, helping businesses get their goods to ever-further corners of the world. If your company – like all companies – purveys a good or service, this will be fantastic news for you.

#6 Environmentalism Is Good Business

Trump has certainly not made the environment part of his platform. However, more and more companies are showing that green companies really pull down the bucks. Given that Trump is likely to support successful businesses, and that businesses with an eco-friendly spin are increasingly generating huge figures from conscious consumers, you stand to win big if you’re in the green industry.

You’ll win double if your company manufactures products in the United States. Since many green companies prioritize building jobs here at home (the human sustainability element), they will be more likely to escape the high tariffs Trump intends to impose on American goods manufactured overseas – 35 percent, if he has his druthers. So now could be the time to get in on a rapidly growing, here-at-home eco-friendly company that stands to win big in coming years and decades.

#7 Trump Will Prime the Pump

And lastly, despite his strong stands on overseas factories and his insistence on the importance of maintaining American jobs, Trump isn’t trying to control the economy. He wants it to be able to take off on its own, which is why he’s got a stimulus package in the works. The goal is to kick off a new cycle of business growth. The thinking behind it? Well, America might not be Greece, and it might not be the America of 2009, but business is still lagging.

If he can prime the pump by putting some cash into the American economy, businesses will begin to take off on their own, responding to a rejuvenated free market. This might be the right time for businesses to make inroads into new sectors, to hire new people, to expand and more. If you’re in business, keep your eye on this … you might be able to benefit if you strike while the iron is hot.

Overall, like every president, Donald Trump is sure to prove a mixed blessing. However, there’s a good chance that the changes he brings to our great nation will benefit the business-minded among us.