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4 Ways to Deal With Your MBA Admissions Anxiety

April 19, 2021 7:46 pm0 commentsViews: 1145

This is the time of year when many professionals and college students are nervously awaiting word on if they got into their dream online or campus based MBA program. People will check their email constantly, and sometimes some people even have insomnia as they wait for word from their favorite MBA school.

The wait is not pleasant in any case, but there always are a few positive steps that you can do to ease your MBA admissions anxiety. Read on for our top four:

#1 Get Active

Keeping an active exercise program is probably the best way to deal with MBA admissions stress, and almost any type of stress. Keeping a regular exercise program is a proven way to cut stress and avoid depressive episodes. Another good idea is to try to do some relaxation exercises. Sure, this sounds kind of dorky, but this really can help to bring down your heart rate as you are awaiting word from your top MBA schools.

You can do progressive muscle relaxation, which has been used for more than six decades. It has you apply tension to a single muscle group while you inhale, and then you release that tension when you exhale. You should keep your mind focused on muscle relaxation the entire time. You can begin this from the top of the body or from the bottom. If you decide to begin at the top, you should tense your forehead muscles, then relax them, and think, ‘relax and let go.’ Then you move to the other muscles in the face and move down the rest of your body.

#2 Focus on What Relaxes You

This sounds simple, but it really is a proven way to stay relaxed no matter what is bothering you. It really does relax the mind as you worry about MBA admissions. As you exercise or you do a relaxation technique, you should focus on what relaxes you. For some people, it can be lying on the beach listening to the waves and for others, it could be relaxing in bed with a book, or in the tub.

#3 Think About Acceptance

Imagine that you got word from the MBA school of your dreams. You should picture yourself being completely relaxed and discovering that you were accepted. As many people who have achieved a lot in life will tell you, try to picture yourself succeeding in all things. Never think about failing in your mind. Many professional athletes and famous public speakers always focus on the positive.

For example, the Formula 1 champion for 2010, 2011, and 2012, Sebastian Vettel, can often be seen in his cockpit before a race or qualifying lap with his eyes closed. It has been reported that he usually is focusing on driving the absolute perfect lap. Every turn, chicane, braking and acceleration he visualizes doing perfectly.. And he often succeeds. You should do just the same as you wait for word from MBA school.

#4 Accept the Outcome

No matter how strong your MBA application, not everyone is going to be able to get into their #1 or #2 school. There often are just not enough slots for all qualified candidates. Just remember that you will get into an MBA program of some kind, and you will end up where you were supposed to be. Also, where ever you get your MBA education, your future success usually comes down to your personal efforts, talents and drive. How high you rise depends largely on you, whichever school accepts you.

Rejection can sometimes be a good thing. For example, a student may wish to get into an MBA school in Hawaii, but is rejected. But he or she could not really afford to attend there anyway, so it was merely an enjoyable fantasy. And that money you saved up to go to school there can be used for another purpose, such as buying a home where you do end up going to school.

Use these techniques when you are trying to get into MBA school, taking the GMAT, or with any stressful part of your life. You will be a happier and better adjusted person, for sure.