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26 Awesome Entrepreneurship Blogs for the Risk Taking MBA Student

April 19, 2021 3:13 pm0 commentsViews: 198

Regardless of the field you’re in, there seems to be an inevitable panel of experts, armchair or otherwise, who are all-too-generous with advice. The business world is far from an exception to this rule.

So how to distinguish the idle chatter from the sage advice? Read on for a list of the best blogs for entrepreneurs:

#1 Pando Daily Named for Utah’s Pando trees, whose root network is the world’s oldest living organism that remains vital, this blog approaches Silicon Valley in the same way, following the shoots that continue to spring up from this unique root system.

#2 All Business features a panel of experts who seek to provide insight into every facet of business, big and small.

#3 Quick Sprout is headed by Neil Patel, who helped launch the invaluable resources Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. His résumé sparkles with experience at Amazon and GM, to name just a couple. Visit Quick Sprout for advice on creating a successful online presence for your business.

#4 LinkedIn Today customizes itself according to the parameters of your profile, which means you get tips, news, and articles relevant to your business every time.

#5 The Art of Non-Conformity is slick and enjoyable to read, and the running theme is defying convention, as the name suggests. Stop in for Chris Guillebeau’s “Guide to World Domination,” and you’ll end up staying a good, long while.

#6 Penelope Trunk is well-written, occasionally profane, and a terrific resource for small-business owners and professionals of all stripes.

#7 Blog Maverick is Mark Cuban’s blog, and who would turn down advice from this guy? The occasionally controversial, but always entertaining figure has some one-of-a-kind advice for entrepreneurs.

#8 Wise Bread is manna from Heaven for business owners working with limited resources. While there is plenty of advice for everyday living on the cheap, it is the business management advice here that is not to be missed.

#9 Work Happy offers analysis of various online business building tools and minces no words regarding what will improve your business and what will waste your time.

#10 How to Change the World is a cheerfully written blog by venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, and features thoughtful essays about what works in business today.

#11 Kevin Kelley’s Lifestream is a hopeful, forward looking blog by one of the forces behind Wired. With it’s pleasing layout, replete with photos and videos, this blog will lift you out of the doldrums.
#12 Duct Tape Marketing features tips for business and marketing strategies, as well as a weekly e-newsletter and a podcast, where you can listen to interviews with top business mavens.

#13 Both Sides of the Table is an equal-opportunity blog geared as much toward those heading start-ups and small businesses as it is toward large corporate CEOs. This is the blog that everyone is reading, so don’t get left behind.

#14 Entrepreneur Daily Dose is a mighty topical blog written by a staff of contributors from the peerless Entrepreneur Magazine.

#15 Jonathan Fields explores the lifestyle of business and the business of life in his blog.

#16 Mr. Money Mustache is required reading for those professionals who are ready to develop “Financial Freedom By Way of Badassity.”

#17 Small Biz Survival deals heavily with the challenges that await small-town business leaders and small business owners. Still, entrepreneurs large and small can benefit from Becky McCray’s expertise.

#18 is a well-spring of advice, tips, articles, and analysis of every facet of entrepreneurship, whether you’re curious about how to be a better boss, frustrated by sub-par staff, or you need help with your financial strategy, you’re going to find a slew of articles here to address your every concern.

#19 Craig Connects is written by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, and balances business news and tips with pop-culture dorkdom.

#20 Honest don’t miss this blog, by the founders of Honest Tea, a super successful start-up-turned empire.

#21 Seth Godin’s Blog is spartan, but updated daily by a rock-star-level marketing ace. This blog is perfect for you if your business is having an identity crisis.

#22 Drew’s Marketing Minute will give much-needed assistance to fledgling entrepreneurs who might be shaky on how to concoct a business plan, a marketing strategy, or even an iPad app.

#23 Get Elastic is indispensable for online marketing advice.

#24 Terracycle will inspire business owners large and small to go green.

#25 Small Business Brief is filled with how-to guides for new business owners who are unsure how to navigate social media and other aspects of modern business.

#26 Breaking the 9 to 5 Jail is a great blog filled with profiles of successful individuals who made the leap from Corporate life to Entrepreneurship. Just as life is too short to drink bad wine, Life is also too short to be Wasted in a Cubicle.