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25 Killer Scholarships for Your MBA Education

April 28, 2021 7:20 pm0 commentsViews: 19396

If you are looking to earn your MBA, you probably are thinking about how to pay for it. Fortunately, there are many good scholarships, fellowships and assistantships available where you can have much of your education paid for. Jump to 50 Online Affordable MBA programs with AACSB accreditation.

Below are the top 25:

  1. Forte Fellows Program – The Forte Foundation provides fellowships to women who are studying for a full time, part time or executive MBA at many business schools around the country. The purpose of the program is to boost the number of women who are entering into the business world with an MBA. You can have up to ½ of your tuition paid each year at your business school.
  2. The Committee of 200 – The MBA Reachout program tries to provide key support and inspiration to women who are trying to earn their MBAs. In this program, you would work with older members of the group and will learn important lessons in becoming a leadership in business. As part of this organization, you can apply for one of three scholarships of $10,000 each.
  3. Financial Women’s Association Scholarships – The purpose of this award is to benefit young women who are attending business graduate school in New York City, and to support the organization’s mission of preparing the next generation of women to lead in business.
  4. Tuck Business School Scholarships at Dartmouth – Dartmouth University provides many need-based and merit-based scholarships each year to deserving MBA students. The scholarship may range from $5000 per year to full tuition.
  5. Kelly School of Business Scholarships at Indiana University – Indiana University provides a number of merit-based scholarships and assistantships each year to the most worthy MBA students. Your award may range from $5000 to full tuition. Note that all assistantships are awarded through the admissions process.
  6. John H. McArthur Canadian Fellowship – This scholarship from Harvard Business School provides financial help to worthy Canadians who are attending Harvard University for business school. If you are a Canadian citizen attending this school, you can earn $20,000 US per year.
  7. Wharton Fellowship Program – If you attend MBA school at the University of Pennsylvania, you can earn a broad range of fellowship opportunities. These merit-based programs can help to defray up to the full cost of your tuition each year. Some of the fellowships available are the Joseph Wharton Fellowship, the Howard Mitchell Fellowship, and the Emerging Economy Fellowship.
  8. NYU-Stern Scholarship Program – If you attend the NYU-Stern School of Business for your MBA, you can be awarded a merit-based scholarship that will help to pay for a significant portion of your tuition. Some awards are for partial tuition, and others will pay your full annual tuition, depending upon merit. Some of the scholarships that are available to full time MBA students are the Dean’s Scholarship, the Faculty Scholarship, and the Stern Scholarship.
  9. Stanford Graduate School of Business Fellowships – Stanford University provides many fellowships to deserving MBA students, including need based, non need based, grants and fellowships. In some cases you can earn a fellowship of $10,000 or more, per year.
  10. Georgetown University MBA Merit Scholarship – The McDonough School of Business each year awards MBA scholarships to several deserving students, based upon your academic, personal and professional accomplishments. Some of these awards will defray the full cost of your tuition for one year.
  11. Columbia Business School Scholarships – Columbia University provides several full and partial tuition scholarships, based upon your academic excellence, background and professional experience. One of these is the Second-Year Fellows Program that provides second year MBA students who have shown a strong track record with a significant tuition discount for their second year.
  12. Goizueta Business Fund for Excellence – At Emory University, you can earn a scholarship or a fellowship based upon your academic achievement, the quality of your work experience, and your leadership and extracurricular activities. You can earn a partial or full tuition discount, plus a stipend.
  13. Park Leadership Fellowships at Cornell University – These fellowships are offered to the most deserving first year MBA students. These fellowships are open to US citizens, and this is a full tuition grant.
  14. University of Chicago Booth School of Business Scholarships – The University of Chicago provides many different financial aid opportunities for incoming MBA students, including the Chicago Booth Fellowship, corporate fellowships and several merit-based scholarships. These programs will provide up to ½ of your tuition each year.
  15. Albert C. Yates Fellows and Scholars Program – Provided by the University of Cincinnati, this merit-based award is open to MBA students who belong to groups that are underrepresented. If you receive the Yates, Fellowship, you will earn a full tuition scholarship and a waiver of all fees for four terms.
  16. Dean’s Merit Scholarship at Loyola University – As recognition for strong academic performance, Loyola University will consider you for a merit scholarship that will pay for up to your full tuition cost each year.
  17. MBA Scholarships at Temple University – The Fox School of Business is strongly committed to investing in business leaders of the future. This program will provide large merit-based scholarships to many full time MBA students. You can earn a partial tuition waiver, and up to a 100% tuition waiver.
  18. Kellogg Full Time MBA Scholarships – At Northwestern University, you can earn several different scholarships that are open to exceptional MBA students. For example, the F.C. Austin program is given to 20 top men and women each year who are studying business management. You can earn up to a 100% tuition waiver each year.
  19. MBA Achiever’s Scholarship – If you are admitted full time into the MBA program at Northeastern University, you will be considered for a merit-based scholarship, including the MBA Achiever’s Scholarship. This is for students who are in full time MBA programs in finance and accounting, and can be for up to ½ of your annual tuition.
  20. NSHMBA Partnership Programs – Provided at the University of Illinois to top MBA students of Hispanic descent, this program provides up to ½ tuition waivers for each year you are in business school.
  21. Mason MBA Awards – At George Mason University, you can earn a scholarship if you are a highly qualified, full time MBA student. The awards are given based upon your intellectual promise in the field of business. This program can provide you with a partial tuition waiver, and you can also be awarded an assistantship.
  22. Wm. Polk Carey Memorial Scholarship Fund – At Arizona State University, you can earn a full tuition scholarship if you are a high achieving student who is enrolled in the full time MBA program.
  23. Brian Maxwell Fellowship – At the University of California Berkeley, you can earn a large scholarship of $100,000 if you have demonstrated superior entrepreneurial skills and a strong drive to create new products and projects.
  24. Haas Achievement Award – At the University of California Berkeley, you can earn a scholarship of up to $50,000 if you can show that you have achieved great success in business despite having a major economic, educational or other type of obstacle.
  25. NBMBAA Graduate Scholarship Program – This program provides scholarships to deserving graduate business school students of color. You can earn a financial award of up to $15,000, and you also will be provided with airfare and housing for the annual NBMBAA Annual Conference.