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25 Facts About University of Scranton Online MBA

January 14, 2021 1:09 pm0 commentsViews: 402

If you are looking for a program that has absolutely no on campus requirements, then look no further than the University of Scranton Online MBA. However, we understand that this is not the only factor that will affect your decision so we have gathered 25 facts about the program and the University to help you make the right one for your success. Choosing to go back to school is a hard enough decision on its own. We want to make this process of narrowing down programs and schools by offering your some key facts that many people look at when making a decision. Take your time looking through all of the facts and make a list of pros and cons for each program you are considering. This will help you make the right choice at the end of the process. Use our 25 facts list to get you started on your process. We hope that you find the University of Scranton Online MBA is a viable option.

  • For this program, you have the choice of submitting your application either online or through the mail.
  • You must also submit your updated professional resume with your application. This is partially due to the fact that you are required to have at least three years of professional experience to qualify for the program.
  • You must submit a case study with your application. The topic of the case study is determined by your Program Manager. You are given one during the application process.
  • Three letters of recommendation are required for the program during the application process. One of these is required to be a professional reference and it is preferred that it is provided from a supervisor but not required.
  • You are required to have official transcripts sent to the school from every school you have attended during your academic career.
  • If you are an international student, you have a few extra requirements such as your scores from TOEFL, STEP or IELTS. This is to show that you are fluent in the English language because the entire program is taught in English. If you are not fluent, you will not be successful in the program.
  • A statement of intent is an additional requirement for all applicants.
  • You can transfer credits into the program if they have been obtained from an AACSB accredited institution. They must have been taken at least 6 years prior to the date of requested transfer. You can transfer up to 6 credit hours for this program. For more information on the transfer credit policy, please click here.
  • There is a minimum of 36 credit hours required for completion of the program.
  • The cost of the program is based on credit hour. Each credit hour is currently priced at $887 according to OnlineMBA. Prices are subject to change and you should always check with the the University prior to applying for the current rates.
  • There is a minimum time commitment of 24 months to finish the program.
  • There is no GMAT requirement for this program.
  • The program is completely online and you do not ever have to go to campus for any requirement.
  • You have the option of choosing a concentration for this degree. The concentrations offered for this program are Generalist/Electives, Enterprise Resource Planning, Healthcare Management, and Operations Management.
  • The University of Scranton is a private institution and is faith based. The school was opened in 1927.
  • The business school is accredited by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), which is the highest accreditation that can be given to a business school. This is one of the few completely online MBA programs that has achieved this accreditation.
  • Because it is a completely online program, you are given the flexibility to complete the coursework when you have the time. You are expected to meet deadlines but you are not required to be online for a class at a specific time. This gives you the flexibility to continue working in your professional career and work on your program at your leisure. All classes are available 24/7.
  • Financial aid and scholarships are available to students who need assistance in paying for the program. For more information on this, you will need to speak with a Financial Advisor at the school. You can also submit your FASFA for assistance through the FASFA website.
  • The application deadline is rolling, which means you can apply when you are ready and start during the next term.
  • The average enrollment for the program is 588. This number of students is spread out throughout the entire process of the program and you should not expect a class of 588 for each course.
  • There are currently 26 part time and 26 full time professors for the program. Each of them bring the knowledge of their background to the classroom.
  • The average age of new entrants into the program is 35. This number shows that it is never too late to return to school for your MBA and there are many other professionals who are choosing to do so just like you.
  • The gender distribution is approximately 56.6 percent male and 43.4 percent female, which is a pretty close percentage when compared to other similar programs.
  • There are 6 eight week sessions provided per year. This gives you a lot of options when you are choosing when to apply and when you should start your program. You are given the flexibility to work around your schedule from the very beginning.
  • You have a lot of support from faculty and staff while going through the program. You are given an Academic Advisor at the beginning of your program to assist you along the way. All professors are required to respond to any messages within 24 hours so you can get your answer and move on with the assignment. There is also 24/7 online live tech support should you run into any issues. The University of Scranton is set up to help you in every way on your path to success.