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25 Apps You’ll Find Yourself Using During your MBA

April 8, 2021 3:27 pm0 commentsViews: 1994


Students who are in school pursuing their MBA degree have a great deal of coursework to handle. Most MBA students also work in their professional fields while they attend school. Timesaving applications will often help make a student’s life much easier. Most students that have an iPad, iPhone or even a laptop will find that using apps can help with staying current with business and financial news around the world as well as mastering skills that are needed for the MBA courses. Here are 25 apps you’ll find yourself using during your MBA.


  • LinkedIn: This is a fantastic application that can help MBA students make business connections that they will be able to use later on for networking purposes. Many MBA students have found jobs using their LinkedIn connections. This application can make it much easier to stay connected to business contacts.
  • Facebook: This app will help students stay connected on a personal level. Many MBA students also use this social media app for business purposes as well as personal purposes.
  • HootSuite: MBA students who manage several social media sites daily can find it to be a time consuming task to keep up with these networking sites. Don’t get behind you social media posts. With this app, all your social media sites can be managed under one app.
  • Itie: Application that can help all MBA students learn to put on and tie a tie. There will be many occasions when a tie is needed, and this app will help you with all types of ties.
  • TweetCaster: Twitter is another form of social media that most MBA students should engage with at some level. Twitter is a micro blogging site that helps people stay connected to what is happening currently. TweetCaster can help students manage their Twitter accounts on the go.

News/ Publications

  • Bloomberg for iPad – Bloomberg is an essential periodical that all MBA students should read on a regular basis. This app makes it possible to subscribe through an iPad.
  • The Economist for iPad – There is no need to stock up on several magazine subscriptions when the iPad can hold all of your subscriptions in one place. The Economist is a must have for MBA students.
  • Wall Street Journal – This is an application that delivers your subscription to the Wall Street Journal to you electronically. This can come either to an iPad or an iPhone. The Wall Street Journal is a staple in any business person’s newspaper subscription feeds.
  • Forbes Intelligent Investing – An MBA student should have a subscription to this magazine. This app offers extras with videos and interviews that a normal subscriber cannot see.


  • iBlue Sky – This is a mind mapping application that can help you get all your thoughts down and organize them on the go. This is a favorite among MBA students.
  • Evernote – This is a fantastic tool that can help students to organize their class notes and save time with having everything in one place.
  • Google Calendar – The Google calendar app allows users to share and organize calendars with other people. This can be helpful when organizing a group project during an MBA course.
  • Notes N More – Taking notes has never been easier on this mobile application. There is no need for pen and paper with this app.


  • Google Mobile App – An application that can help you search for anything in the Google search engine by using voice activating commands. This works great for a hands free way to search.
  • – Every MBA student will have a need to look up words in the dictionary. This app provides definitions to an endless amount of words.


  • WebMD mobile – A support tool that can help people stay healthy and seek medical attention when necessary. This tool has a variety of functions including a symptom checker.
  • Livestrong Calorie Counter – Helps students stay on track with weight management.
  • iTreadmill – A pedometer that tracks how many steps a person takes.
  • Allergy Free Entertaining – Offers foods and recipes for people with food allergies.

Course Assistance

  • Documents to Go – This app helps students who need to access and edit documents on the go.
  • Instapaper – An application that stores articles for students to read at a later time, even when there is no internet connection.
  • MBA for iPhone or iPad – This helps MBA students understand the basics of finance and investment organization.
  • MBA Essentials I – This app helps MBA students learn the basic skills needed to succeed in the business world today.