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20 Super Blogs That Will Make you a Better Student of Business

April 28, 2021 3:30 pm0 commentsViews: 190

Diving into an MBA program can often have the effect of leaving students feeling lost at sea. Instead of treading water, let these blogs, dealing with all things business and business school, be your lifeline.

#1 Business Pundit You might want to make sure you’ve finished your homework before you visit Drea Knufken’s robust blog. Content here is seriously entertaining, but still relevant.

#2 Open IT Strategies Joel West takes a good hard look at living in an open-source world as he tackles the economic headlines.

#3 BizDeans Talk Students stand to learn a great deal from a panel consisting of the deans from leading business schools.

#4 Freakonomics You’ve read the book, now read the blog, which falls under the aegis of the New York Times.

#5 Whatever Happened to Thrift? After publishing a successful book under this title, Ronald Wilcox continues to explore his examination of lifestyle and spending in American culture.

#6 Carpe Diem. With nearly twenty years of tenure as an economics professor under his belt, Mark J. Perry has a thing or two to say on the topic. Don’t miss the Monday Morning Links.

#7 John Sviokla The Near Futurist. Deep and thoughtful essays on effective business and marketing strategy are standard fare at this Harvard Business Review blog.

#8 The Crazy Lives of Consultants. This is an enjoyable glimpse into professional life, and can be pretty well summed up by the presence of a “Daily Dilbert” cartoon.

#9 Private Sector Development Blog. This is a terrific resource for those interested in socially responsible business tactics.

#10 MBA for HairTwirler is an irreverent look into stretch pants, tomato sauce, and the perils of being a girly girl in the business world.

#11 Accepted Admissions Blog. This blog will be indispensable to any aspiring MBA student. There is a wealth of information here on how to navigate the admissions processes of practically every MBA program in the nation.

#12 Seth Godin’s Blog The man behind Squidoo and Yoyodyne Entertainment brings his expertise to the often-tricky-to-navigate world of business.

#13 Ideas at Work combines a nice layout with a broad scope, and is the official blog of Columbia Business School.

#14 The Detroitists This Motor City-centric blog is managed by a traveling consultant, and may be recognized as the force behind the erstwhile Rainerisms. As a reader, you will learn to expect the unexpected after finishing your MBA.

#15 GlobalBX Entrepreneur Blog If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you could learn something about business strategies, commerce, and networking.

#16 Strategy Freek is another blog brought to you by the Harvard Business Review, and is written by London Business School professor Freek Vermeulen. The focus tends to be on the size of business and the significance of acquisitions.

#17 Lead on Purpose is perhaps the definitive blog for the cultivation of leadership skills. This is simply required reading for anybody who plans to be in charge of anything.

#18 Inside the London MBA provides an informative and fun look into the life of an English b-school student. Students who plan on doing some travelling would do well to peruse this blog, if for no other reason, to scope out the hot spots in The Square Mile.

#19 GeekMBA360 Here’s a tech-heavy offering chock-full of financial advice, insights into the world of online marketing, and laments over the state of MBA education.

#20 Jackie Huba This is an enjoyable and popular blog, and author Jackie Huba devotes a lot of white space to the business of pop culture. Her major crusade is customer loyalty, and with well over 100,000 subscribers, you can suppose she knows a little something about it.