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Marketing MBA + 9 Online No GMAT Options

October 2, 2012 3:21 pm0 commentsViews: 563

An MBA in marketing is the perfect program to prepare those looking for senior positions in marketing management, consulting, or public service marketing positions to make their mark on the world. The courses in a marketing MBA program are carefully selected to optimize the skills that will be required of students once they leave the comfort of the classroom and are introduced to the competitive globalized consumer driven companies that are customary in the business marketplace. These skills are designed specifically for students looking to branch out from other areas of expertise in marketing or management careers, as well as students who are new to the field of marketing, but have a business oriented background.

Courses and Expectations

If you enroll in a marketing MBA, there are a multitude of courses that you’ll need to consider; some of these are compulsory, while others can be chosen as electives. Courses that you take may also vary by school and specified program, as not all institutions require the same set path of learning. Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Communication, Internet Marketing, New Product Development, and Pricing are a few of the classes that might be available when you enroll. Other courses that you could come into contact with are Brand Management, Service and Strategy Management, International Marketing, Channel Management, Sales Management, Environmental Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, Consultative Selling and Consumer Behavior. Outside of this assortment of theoretical classes, you’re encouraged to gain hands on experience through integrated experiential style learning.

Where Your MBA Will Be Used

The majority of large businesses and some small companies require marketing management on one level or another, which leaves you many opportunities for positions in an assortment of successful companies. You’re most likely to find your career path leaning in the direction of promotions, branding advertising or public relations. As you move past the initial stage of entry level positions, you might think about the prospects of entrepreneurship or consulting, but with such a highly respected degree, it would also be easy to become involved in international business. It’s important to stay abreast of new opportunities for training and updating your skills if you want to keep the doors open; with such a well-respected degree, as long as you’re properly networking and staying informed, the sky is the limit. The education gained through your program should give you steady footing in both domestic and international corporations, and give you the benefit of advancement opportunities in salary increases throughout a wide assortment of different careers. Some of the careers that MBA graduates in marketing specialties choose are high technology firms, consumer products, industrial firms, government agencies, internet based jobs, and non-profit positions. Of course, you also have the option of working in a marketing specific category, which could place you among an advertising agency or marketing research providers.

Advancement Opportunities

As mentioned above, marketing MBA students have huge opportunity for promotion in their chosen fields. Depending on the assortment of classes and skills you’ve taken the time to develop, you could find yourself advancing to roles such as marketing or business development manager, sales or brand manager or even marketing director. The graduate program trains and qualifies you for many other different roles as well, and entitles you to a salary that exceeds those graduates of simple BBA certification.

Marketing MBA Salaries

The pay scale for marketing MBA graduates guarantee an increase of ten to twenty thousand dollars more on average then a graduate of a general business undergraduate degree, such as a BBA. Of course, your actual salary depends on where you work, and what your qualifications are, but on general, the most recent findings for pay rates find that non-profit organizations have a median range of $57,400 for those holding an MBA, while they pay roughly $46,000 for BBA applicants. Similarly, University or Educational positions provide rates of about $66,000 for an MBA and $42,300 for a BBA. Medical practice positions provide an MBA graduate with $70,000, and a BBA with$59,000, while private practice salaries run closer to $67,400 for MBA and $45,700 for BBA.

Students enrolled in marketing MBA courses are encouraged to travel to other educational facilities, and even as far as to other countries. Business and marketing in particular is a talent and career that ranges internationally, which is why taking part in an exchange program is a perfect addition to any educational itinerary. That being said, it can be difficult to commit to a lot of travel and on campus learning while you’re working full time, which is why so many students turn to online MBA degrees; often just as reputable, and can point you toward a path to success in your chosen field.

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