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The Association for Advancement of Collegiate School of Business (AACSB) is one of the oldest and most well respected accrediting organizations in the country. The AACSB analyses each MBA program and determines if the program meets the standards that are required in today’s business world. Many programs are available to students who want to pursue an MBA degree, but not all of them are created equal. Accredited programs carry a certain amount of respectable weight that the unaccredited programs do not. Many employers will not recognize an MBA from an institution that is not accredited by the AACSB.

#1  Auburn University Main Campus

The Executive MBA program and the Physician’s MBA programs do not require that the GMAT be taken in order to approve admission into either program. The school offers programs for students in the Fall and Spring semesters in their distance learning program. There is a low student to teacher ratio with this program which can be beneficial to both the students and the teachers in this program. Visit

#2 Clarion University of Pennsylvania

The MBA program at this school allows certain students to be exempt from the requirement to take the GMAT as a condition of admission. Students with an advanced professional degree or students with over five years of professional work experience can request that the GMAT exam be waived. This is a formal request that must be made upon applying for this program. Visit

#3 Colorado State University

The MBA program requires the GMAT to be passed as a condition of admission, but some students can avoid this if they have an undergraduate degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher and eight years of professional work experience. This can be helpful for students that meet this requirement. They would request that this exam be waived. Visit

#4 Frostburg State University

The MBA program at this school based out of Maryland waives the student’s requirement to take the GMAT exam if they meet other requirements. These include the student having a minimum of a 3.25 GPA in their undergraduate degree studies and a minimum of two years of professional experience. The professional experience must be relevant to the area of focus the MBA degree is one. Students will need to request to have the exam waived. Visit

#5 Howard University

The MBA program at Howard University does not require the GMAT exam in order to meet the admission requirements, although they strongly recommend it.

#6 Saint Joseph’s University

The Executive Pharmaceutical Marketing MBA requires that students either have a structured personal interview or take and pass the GMAT exam. Students can choose the structured personal interview in order to avoid taking the exam for entrance into the program.

#7 Texas A&M University – Commerce

The prestigious MBA program at Texas A &M University does not require students to take the GMAT if they meet the minimum GPA requirement for admission. Students must either meet the minimum GPA requirement or take and pass the GMAT in order to be eligible for admission into this MBA program.

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