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Top 9 MBA Careers In High Tech/Technology

February 20, 2021 9:07 pm0 commentsViews: 244

If you have completed an MBA degree, perhaps with a technology concentration, and you are interested in the high tech/technology industry, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the different options that are out there. This is because the high tech/technology industry is so huge. It spans the gamut of small startup companies with their first funding, to huge corporate giants like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google, and everything in between. What brings this industry together, however, is that it is fast paced, fun, exciting, innovative, and high risk. Only those with big ambitions are suitable for these positions, and not those who limit their professional view to where they work today. However, there is a broad availability of roles within the field of high tech/technology and it is no surprise that these companies attract MBA graduates. Below are the top 9 MBA careers for this field. Jump to 50 Affordable Online MBA Tech programs.

1. Strategic Manager

The strategic manager sets the strategic direction for a technology firm. This means having a great understanding of the goals of the organization, and finding ways to ensure that they are able to achieve those with the resources that are available. At the same time, it is about finding new resources to achieve more ambitious goals.

2. Marketing Manager

The role of marketing manager is not overly focused on technological development, but it is nevertheless a hugely important role within the field of high technology. This is particularly true because so many high tech firms are startups, which means there is a huge requirement for those who can market their products and services properly. Many hope to eventually be acquired by companies such as Google, and this requires strong marketing skills.

3. Product or Brand Manager

The product or brand manager works closely with the marketing manager, and also with others within the organization. The focus of this role is to make sure a strong brand identity is developed not just with customers, but also with other stakeholders such as internal staff, the media, the competition, and so on. This is a very important role to help startup tech companies grow. Many say that the product manager’s role is comparable to that of a CEO, because every element within a business has to be properly managed in order for a product or brand to become successful.

4. Finance Manager

All MBA graduates are, at their heart, finance managers. Finance is an integral part of all MBA programs because it lies at the heart of all organizations, regardless of sector or industry. Hence, if you are interested in working in the high tech/technology industry, but don’t have a lot of tech skills yourself, then the role of finance manager, or perhaps even Chief Financial Officer (CFO), could be a very good option.

5. Supply Chain Manager

A lot of people forget that tech companies are not dissimilar to manufacturing companies. The difference is that one develops physical products, and the other develops high tech products. Both, however, have a clearly defined supply chain. With an MBA degree, you will be able to properly manage the supply chain, thereby increasing profitability across the board.

6. Corporate Development Officer

In this position, you will help to develop the business as a whole, focusing on marketing the product by looking for new business opportunities and markets to target. You will need to be very adept at analyzing trends and customer needs, which is what sets you apart from the marketing manager or the product manager, who will work directly with customers and engineers.

7. Information Systems Manager

The information systems manager is involved in every element of the company. Your role will be to manage the way in which IT personnel, resources, and technology are managed to get the greatest benefit for the company itself. These roles are particularly suitable for those who complete an MBA with an information systems concentration, although those without a concentration are also welcome.

8. Systems Analyst

The systems analyst is responsible for analyzing the computer systems of the company, designing new ways to optimize the information systems infrastructure. This person will also be responsible for phasing out old systems, and installing new ones. This is a competitive role to get involved in, not in the least because many tech firms, and particularly small startups, will not hire a systems analyst as part of their permanent staff. As such, you are more likely to work as a consultant in this role. Interestingly, if you do want to work in the high tech industry, then mining support activity companies are the way forward, as this is where you can experience the highest earnings.

9. Chief Technology Officer

The role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is perhaps the highest position someone can take up in any organization while focusing on technology. It is usually suitable only for those who have completed not just an MBA, but one with a technology concentration. There is a tremendous demand for CTOs at present, and not just in companies that are in the technology/high tech industry. This makes the position even more interesting, however, as it means that you have the opportunity to transfer your skills to any other industry if you want a career change.

The vast majority of people who want to work in high tech/technology, look for positions within Silicon Valley, CA, although Seattle, WA is also becoming very popular. Others, however, take their skills and knowledge abroad, and look for positions in locations such, as Singapore, Dublin, Berlin, Bangalore, or London, which are all technology hubs. What this demonstrates is just how much opportunity is out there for you if this is the career direction you have chosen.

The nine roles above are just a small percentage of the top jobs for MBA degree graduates within the field of high tech and technology. There are also roles that you can take on in any other type of organization, such as the CTO, including other roles, such as IT manager, data analyst, entrepreneur, and more. The world of high tech/technology firms is so fast paced that you could quite literally work anywhere you want to.