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Top 15 MBA Career Paths Most In Highest Demand

April 1, 2021 3:46 pm0 commentsViews: 2499

bright-future-careersChoosing to enter into an MBA degree program can be a daunting prospect, particularly with all of the options that are now available to students. Due to the many decisions that students will need to make as they go about picking the qualification that they will base their future career on, it is usually a good idea for students to decide what career they want to work towards. Since students often want to ensure that they can increase their salary once they have their MBA in hand, it helps to know which careers are going to provide them with the chance to do just that. Jump to 50 Affordable Online MBA Programs.

Here are the 15 MBA careers that are currently in highest demand within a variety of fields.

1. Traders

Traders are some of the highest earning professionals in any market. While this position might be lucrative, it is also extremely high-risk, so individuals need to make sure that they have the personality to suit the position or they could end up finding it rather challenging. While there might be many traders working on the market, there is always space for someone who knows that they are doing.

2. Efficiency Consultants

Businesses can often lose a lot of money just because they aren’t functioning as efficiently as they could be, and this is something that MBA consultants can change. These professionals are usually called in to analyze the inner workings of a business before implementing changes that will increase the overall intake of the company.

3. Financial Planners

Financial planners work with other people in order to help them manage their money. These professionals will usually work towards increasing a person’s earnings, helping them get the most out of their taxes and streamline their investments.

4. Marketing Managers

MBA students who are looking for a challenge might want to consider using their creativity within a marketing environment as a marketing manager. In this position, a professional will need to track sales trends and opinions in order to improve the brand value of the company.

5. Entrepreneurs

Great entrepreneurs are in high demand in just about any economy because they create jobs and keep many industries thriving. Individuals who are interested in this field can expect to work long hours, although this comes with a wide range of benefits.

6. Software Developers

Software developers are in charge of developing computer programs, operating systems and applications, and in recent years, the demand for their services has skyrocketed. Those who choose to work within this field have a wide range of positions to choose from, including managerial positions or more creative alternatives.

7. IS Analysts

An information security analyst is a professional who works towards inspecting and improving the overall security of a business’s computer network. As more and more companies make use of online tools in order to run their companies, as well software systems that improve their overall functioning, information security analysts become more important.

8. Financial Managers

Financial managers usually have some experience as financial analysts, so this is simply a step up from that position. There are many professionals in this field that also have experience as loan officers or accountants, although an MBA has helped increase their overall skill offerings so that they can take up the position as overseer of all financial-related matters within a company.

9. Management Analysts

The management analyst is someone who works to improve the profitability of a business. These individuals usually have experience when it comes to operations, although this is not always the case.

10. Research Analysts

Research analysts make use of statistics in order to identify and investigate issues with logistics, production and sales. While there are those individuals who are able to enter into this field with only a bachelors, having an MBA could greatly increase the overall strength of their application for this sort of position.

11. Interpreters

Interpreters need to be fluent in a second language, although many who go on to start their own businesses, or work for well known organizations, often have further qualifications within this field, such as an MBA. Some individuals opt to specialize in certain areas, such as in IT or finance. In these instances, a higher qualification becomes even more imperative.

12. Hospital Administrators

A hospital administrator is a position of leadership within a hospital setting, outpatient center or nursing home. These professionals will usually be responsible for meeting all of the goals outlined by the shareholders, including the financial goals.

13. Practice Managers

Practice managers are in charge of the financial and the human resources belonging to a practice and while they fulfill many of the roles expected of a hospital administrator, this is on a much smaller role. These professionals are increasingly in demand throughout the country to improve the overall efficiency with which practices are run.

14. Health Care Consultants

Health care consultants fulfill a very important role within an organization. These professionals will usually take a good look at the way that an organization is run before implementing changes that could increase the overall efficiency of the business. In some cases, healthcare career professionals might specialize in IT and introduce IT systems within this setting. This sort of implementation could ultimately allow the business to consolidate everything from shift schedules to patient information.

15. Policy Analysts

Another important role played by professionals with an MBA is that of policy analyst. These individuals usually have a lot of experience with policies, laws and economics. Their role is to analyze policies implements to determine whether they are effective and it’s a role that could lead them to a lucrative position within government.

These days, MBA graduates have a wide range of careers to choose from, although some are simply in higher demand than others.