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Get Super Charged with 50 Thought Provoking Tweets from the Dalai Lama

May 2, 2021 3:26 pm0 commentsViews: 263

The Dalai Lama has a way of inspiring even the most un-inspirable people.

There is no is no exception even in the social media world of Twitter. The Dalai Lama continues to spread messages that resonate deep within and create positive thought patterns.

This can be helpful to many who are entrepreneurs, students or executives in major companies.

The messages that the Dalai Lama spreads are quite universal. You can get supercharged with these 50 though provoking tweets from the Dalai Lama himself.

  1. More important than being loved is to love.
  2. Anger destroys our peace of mind and our physical health. We shouldn’t welcome it or think of it as natural or as a friend.
  3. A calm mind is good for our physical health, but it also enables us to see things more realistically.
  4. Genuine friendship can only be based on trust and affection, which can only arise when there is a mutual sense of concern and respect.
  5. The ultimate source of happiness is not money and power, but warm-heartedness.
  6. Affection is important because it counters anger, hatred and suspicion that can prevent our minds from functioning clearly.
  7. Appreciate how rare and full of potential your situation is in this world, then take joy in it, and use it to your best advantage.
  8. Kindness and a good heart are the underlying foundation for success in this life and making progress on the spiritual path.
  9. We need an approach to ethics which makes no recourse to religion and can be equally acceptable to those with faith and those without.
  10. Don’t blame others for your uneasy feelings; blame your own state of mind. This is why altruism brings you greater peace of mind.
  11. The real source of happiness involves one’s state of mind, outlook, and motivation, and one’s level of warmheartedness towards others.
  12. The key to human happiness lies within our own state of mind, and so too do the primary obstacles to that happiness.
  13. A sense of concern for others gives our lives meaning; it is the root of all human happiness.
  14. The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.
  15. It is vital that when we educate our children’s brains we do not neglect to educate their hearts by nurturing their compassionate nature.
  16. Wealth should serve humanity, not vice versa.
  17. We often talk about moral values, justice and trust, but the important thing is to put them into effect in our everyday lives.
  18. Put this question to yourself: should I use everyone else to attain happiness, or should I help others gain happiness?
  19. Even for people who have no spiritual beliefs, a peaceful mind is important.
  20. So long as we are under the control of disturbing emotions, real happiness is hard to find.
  21. The very purpose of spirituality is self-discipline. Rather than criticizing others, we should evaluate and criticize ourselves.
  22. We need to understand how destructive emotions affect us and constructive emotions can help us, so that we can maintain our peace of mind.
  23. In order to lead a meaningful life, you need to cherish others, pay attention to human values and try to cultivate inner peace.
  24. Training the mind is the source of inner peace.
  25. Compassion and peace of mind bring a sense of confidence that reduce stress and anxiety.
  26. When we are caught up in a destructive emotion, we lose one of our greatest assets: our independence.
  27. Improvement requires continuous effort.
  28. Many of our world’s problems and conflicts arise because we have lost sight of the basic humanity that binds us together as a human family.
  29. Live: HHDL teaches on Shantideva’s “A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life” from Dharamsala, India, September 4-6
  30. We need to understand that material development by itself it doesn’t bring peace of mind. This can only be developed within the mind.
  31. Since universal compassion involves gradually expanding one’s circle of concern to the whole of humanity, it needs constant cultivation.
  32. The best way of fulfilling your own interest is to take care of others.
  33. I have found that the greatest degree of inner peace comes from cultivating love and compassion.
  34. We have to find ways to encourage non-violence, compassion and respect for others’ rights to achieve a better world in the future.
  35. When I wake in the morning I make a wish to be useful to others.
  36. When we develop a sense of concern for others’ well-being then the very basis of anger is no longer there.
  37. I have made a commitment to work until I die to raise awareness that the source of happiness, warm-heartedness, lies within us.
  38. Who is there among us who does not prefer tolerance, respect and forgiveness of our failings to bigotry, disrespect, and resentment?
  39. Whatever you do, take a realistic view and think of the long term interests of humanity.
  40. It is important for us to examine our motivation in our day to day life.
  41. Understanding the advantages and drawbacks of particular emotions and applying our intelligence, we can transform our minds.
  42. People in every part of the world are fed up with violence; increasingly people are looking for ways to create peace.
  43. A calm mind is good for our physical health, but it also enables us to see things more realistically.
  44. We need to relate to each other out of compassion, with a sense of connection to each other and a deep recognition of our common humanity.
  45. HHDL is greeted by well-wishers as he arrives for celebrations honoring his 77th birthday in Dharamsala on July 6
  46. Altruism is not merely a religious ideal; it is an indispensable requirement for humanity at large.
  47. A genuine change must first come from within the individual, only then can he or she attempt to make a significant contribution to humanity.
  48. HHDL with Britain’s Prince Charles at Clarence House in London, England, on June 20th.
  49. If you conduct your life on the basis of truth and honesty, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and self-confidence.
  50. Today’s children are hugely important, our hopes for the future lie in their hands and rest on their shoulders.