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Quantitative Analysis MBA

October 2, 2012 2:58 pm0 comments

*Featured Online MBA in Quantitative Analysis The Online MBA with Quantitative Analysis is offered by non-profit Southern New Hampshire University. This MBA curriculum is designed to develop your analytical skill set in the International MBA in Quantitative Analysis Program. The By focusing on real-world applications, the International MBA in Quantitative Analysis program trains you […]

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Information Technology MBA

2:58 pm0 comments

An Information Technology MBA gives you the ability to extend a strategic knowledge base of IT information into a business management setting. The courses that you’ll take throughout this degree combine business and technical strategies to help integrate the world of information technology with corporate America. The design of this […]

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Healthcare Informatics MBA

2:58 pm0 comments

As we continually make advancements in the field of technology, new areas of skill and ability will begin to emerge to match the progress we’ve made in society. While many people are looking at all of the new technology emerging all around us, almost on a daily basis, few will […]

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Finance MBA + Online No GMAT Options

2:57 pm0 comments

One of the most popular fields of study within an MBA is that of finance. Students who choose to pursue this course of study will acquire very specific financial skills necessary for employment in a wide range of industries. Most students will complete the course through internship opportunities that they […]

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Computer Science MBA

2:54 pm0 comments

Our lives today are almost completely lived through the technological machinery that surrounds us. We use computers and related devices for nearly everything we do in our day-to-day life, and there is no place where technology is more important than in the workplace. Having a Computer Science MBA can be […]

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Biotechnology MBA + 7 Online No GMAT Options

2:38 pm0 comments

Professionals in the biotechnology field combine the products and technology used in both agriculture and healthcare, as well as the research produced in scientific scenarios. Students who enter into this program will likely have a background in biotechnology, but also offer skills and knowledge in the business and managerial world. […]

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