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7 Highest Paying MBA Concentrations

May 4, 2021 2:51 pm0 commentsViews: 25599

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Getting your MBA, especially from a top business school, generally means an increase in salary, because with your advanced MBA degree, it makes it easier for you to get a top management or even executive position. But some concentrations are in more demand and pay more than others. Jump to 50 Best Online MBA Degrees for 2017.

Some of the best fields to enter into in the future, in terms of demand and salary, include these:

#1 Finance

Getting your finance MBA will prepare you to handle the highest level of responsibilities in financial organizations, as well as the entities that regulate them. To enter into finance with an MBA, you will need the basic business and management classes, but also classes in accounting, financial law, financial management and derivatives. One of the positions that you can get with this concentration, financial examiner, will pay you a median starting salary of around $72,000.

#2 Healthcare

Getting your MBA in healthcare will qualify you for some of the top administrative jobs in hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities, and other related health facilities. After you take your classes in business and management, you are going to take classes that include healthcare innovation, global health and medicine management. After you get your healthcare MBA, you will be able to move into a role such as health services manager. The median salary for a starting health services manager is around $80,000 per year.

#3 Marketing

Obtaining your MBA in marketing means that you are going to be adept at product promotion and services for all types of companies and organizations. You will take management and business classes, and also classes on consumer behavior, Internet marketing, and sales management. With an MBA in marketing, you can get a job as marketing manager for a large company. You can expect a median starting salary for this role to be around $108,000 with an MBA.

#4 Information Systems

With an MBA in information systems or information technology, you will be an expert in the management of the computers and information at your company. You will oversee the computer activities of your company, implement websites, manage the installation and upgrading of computer equipment, and oversee computer networks. The median annual salary for a starting MBA in this field is about $110,000. See 10 Online Information Systems MBA Programs.

#5 International Business

With the quick pace of globalization, many organizations around the globe need to have business professionals who are adept at handling business matters in many countries at once. This is boosting the demand for MBAs in international business. The range of salary can vary depending upon where the company is located, but many median salaries for MBAs in international business are over $100,000 per year. See 9 Online International Business MBA Program Options.

#6 Accounting

The MBA in accounting concentration has been around for a long time, but there is no better way to move up from staff accountant to CFO than an MBA in this field. You will take many classes in accounting, auditing, finance, and statistics. Expect a median salary with this MBA to be $95,000 or so, and more like $110,000 if you become a CFO.

#7 Business Management

This is more of a general MBA management concentration, which can have both pluses and minuses. On the up side, you are not going to be limited to a single type of position with this concentration, which obviously can give you excellent job prospects. On the other hand, you could in some cases be not as high of a candidate for a position where there is a candidate with a more specific MBA concentration. Still, obtaining a job as a sales director or HR director is a good possibility with this concentration, and you can earn about $105,000 per year.

If you choose one of these MBA concentrations, you probably won’t become another Jack Welch, but you still can have a very lucrative MBA career.